Deposits with ESB

FIXED RATE DEPOSITS 15% PER ANNUM, 1,25% PER MONTH (From 25 December 2014 implemented

For our clients we are offering fixed rate deposits with USD/EURO 5000 minimum investments for minimum period of funds location 3 months. Interest can be withdraw each month. Intermediary or Introducing Broker's commission 4% one time. If you came without any Intermediary and Introducing Broker's you can obtain additional 4% as one time commission.

We accept deposit only from SSA account of our clients.

Procedure. If you have not opened CSA account with our financial institution you can open as our client using technical possibility of our online banking system.

To make deposit you have transfer you money from YOUR SSA account to YOUR CSA account with the next detail (Example):"5000 USD Deposit under 24% per annum, for 3 month. Interest payed one time per 3 months to SSA account. Accept Public offering instead of Deposit Agreement".

NOTE: Your deposits and interest rates are not FEDIC or any other third party insured. European Standard Bank is only GUARANTOR or your Deposit and Interest Rate.

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This institution is not federally insured.
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