Fees and Charges

Valid from 03 October 2018



Current Account


Annual interest rate for Standard Saving Account



Annual interest rate for Combined CD-Saving Account (CSA)

In accordance with Deposit Agreement


Initial Deposit for Terminal Transaction Bookkeeping Account (TBA)



Initial Deposit for Combined CD-Saving Account - 0% (CSA-0)

2% blocked on time deposit


Multicurrency account setup fee

200 Euro


Adding Set up fee Terminal Transaction Bookkeeping Account (TBA)



Accounts maintenance fee per account:


two months



deposit account



active account (10 transactions and more per month)

6.00 Euro/month


passive account (less than 10 transactions per month)

12.00 Euro/month


Non Profit (Church/Community)

Half cost: 1.4.3., 1.4.4., initial deposit


Non profit and personal sub-accounts opened from 1.4.5.

Half cost: 1.4.5.


customer hold at the end of the month Combined CD-Saving Account - 0% (CSA-0)

1% per month abandoned on account (without 1.4.1.)


Temporary blocking of funds on beneficiary account (instead of automatic L/C):

300.00 Euro

Transaction and other charges


Internal bank transfer:


-from any Standard Saving Account (SSA)  to any Standard Saving Account (SSA)

Free of charge


-from any Standard Saving Account (SSA)  to any Combined CD-Saving Account (CSA)

Free of charge


-{Clearing transactions} from any Combined CD-Saving Account (CSA) to any Combined CD-Saving Account (CSA) [clearing account]

0.09% fee will be deducted from SSA account


-from any Combined CD-Saving Account (CSA) to any Standard Saving Account (SSA) account after date of deposit termination (acquittance)

Free of charge


-from any Combined CD-Saving Account (CSA) to any Standard Saving Account (SSA) account before date of deposit termination (acquittance)

100% of transferred amount


- to any Terminal Transaction Bookkeeping Account (TBA)

0.5% from turnover


Conversion / exchange fee:

In accordance with internal rate (min. 1.5%)


External bank transfer (wire transfer):
Please note that our correspondent banks may charge fees for wire transfers:

0.3%, min: US $70.00


One reference code (10 days validity)


One reference code creation from customer

15 Euro


First PIN code for registration new customer from Administrator or Account Manager



Second PIN code for registration new customer from Administrator or Account Manager

300 Euro


For all incoming payments from other Bank or financial institution is deducted fee 0.5% of amount of transfer.


Return wire transfer made independently of amount

100 Euro

Further fees, commissions and costs related to account maintenance are charged as they arise:


Audit statement:

100.00 Euro / statement


Account closure fee

100.00 Euro


Account close before 365 days from date of open

150.00 Euro


Re-open of closed account (if previously closed by any reason)

7000.00 Euro

Operation with Financial Promissory Notes (FPN) of ESB:


Verification of validity

US $30/document (must be paid upfront)


Cost of issue

Negotiable depend of complexity


Commission of ESB for redemption (Principal will be deposited only to ESB accounts of FPN bearer)

0.5% of Face value + 50 USD per document (FPN) must be paid upfront, no deduction from Promissory Note value


Value of redemption paid in behalf of bearer

100% of face value

All charges and fees withdrawing from SSA account only.

Emergency markets currencies fast automatic conversion into USD, EUR etc. service (if money was sent to ESB in native currencies of emergency markets directly to USD or EUR accounts of ESB) - 13% of amount conversion fee will be deducted from each amount transferred (or converted inside ESB between ESB accounts) above 10,000.00 EUR. This fee was implemented to prevent money laundering, making such activity economically unprofitable.

European Standard Bank support any currency in the World for internal wire transfer. For external wire transfer all transaction are executing in USD, Euro, CHF, PLN, RUR. Please inform us if you need any specific currency for internal transfer.

Please be informed you have keep initial deposit with your SSA account 1000 Euro minimum. If amount with your SSA account will be below 1000 Euro for any reason during 60 days your accounts with ESB will be closed without notice and without any rights for re-activation also without rights to have accounts with ESB in future. You will lose your money located in other accounts too. ESB does not provide service for free.

Please note all clearing money which are available inside banking system are specific electronic currency like CHW of Swiss Bank Wir and their market value is equal to currency with the same name which circulate Internationally and issued by appropriate national Bank. But clearing money are not the same money which issued by National Banks and have not nothing common with them, only market value. After loan repayment ESB automatically convert clearing money into non-clearing money issued by any national bank and their owner is free to transfer them into any bank of the World. Because specific electronic currency which carry functions of clearing money never interfere with the same name currency issuing by National Banks permission for issuing is not necessary, like nobody ask permission to issue bank cheque or permission for stock of private placement. This currency works only as complementary currency and never crate any competition for currencies of national banks. By other hand clearing money make national currency more strong. because extend turnover and shrink national currency emission's volume. In this case we decrease national currency inflation and in this way national currency become more powerful and provide positive influence on country economy. Clearing money also allow drastically eliminate financial crisis' consequences.

Credits issued by a financial institution of the European Standard Bank or its partners can be used exclusively for settlements between clients of this financial institution and circulate between the credit accounts of this financial institution regardless of who owns the account the Borrower itself or other payees of these funds. Cash that is not the above loans with their nature can be freely transferred to any other financial institution.

All money located with CSA accounts are private money.

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This institution is not federally insured.
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